Important BYC Qualifier Update

Entries to the Eastern Region BYC Qualifiers have been temporarily suspended whilst costs are re-evaluated because British Fencing have increased a number of costs to the region, and also you guys as individual fencers.

Last year BF increased the referee levy per regional qualifier entry to £7, and are further increasing it this year to £10. With the amount of entries we get, this equates to an extra £650 the region will be paying to BF.

In addition to this, the entry fees for the BYCs themselves have been raised from £24 to £35, increasing the cost for you dramatically.

Regions are also being penalised for not being able send referees to the BYCs, last year the region was fined £150. This year the fine has been increased to £200.

This is why entries have been suspended, as an increase in entry fee is regrettably unavoidable!

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