COVID-19 update

The impact of the Covid-19 virus is being felt across all communities in our region, our country and the world. A lot of our clubs have already closed their doors in line with the advice given. We’ll try and keep everyone updated on the guidance from British Fencing, but also on the ways clubs in the region are coping with the situation.

Please take a look at British Fencing’s post giving up to date advice regarding the virus here or click here for a message from Georgina Usher and Mark Lyttle of British Fencing

As a region we obviously want our fencers to keep safe and enjoying the sport in some form or another. With this in mind please feel free to contact us with any videos, tips for training at home, ideas to keep fit or great fencing videos to watch. We’ll try and pass on as many as we can both here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our first submission comes from Paul Davis of PDFA. They have launched an online campaign to promote new Active Isolation Training sessions. It’s called #20secondchallenge and has fencers trying to hit a tennis ball as many times as possible within the 20 seconds.

This video is focused on sabre, but it will work with all three weapons. How many can you do?

Can you beat Rhys?
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